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The Lusby Group

Our expertise is in supramolecular design, synthesis and analysis. We are interested in both fundamental supramolecular chemistry, from self-assembly to host-guest chemistry, and also using the systems we develop for a range of applications from catalysis, through biological applications to magnetic materials and molecular machines.

The systems we target are typically discrete metallo-organic scaffolds, thus our research bridges the more traditional inorganic and organic boundaries. Many of the systems can be classed as molecular container compounds – macromolecular 3D architectures that are able to encapsulate various smaller molecular entities. Many of the applications we target are made possible because these container systems modulate the properties of the encapsulated species.


The Lusby group Meal: December 2019 (L-R): Ellie Reid, Aaron Scott, Adam McDonald, Charlie Simms, William Grantham, Cora (Jianzhu) Wang, Isis Middleton, Dr Paul Lusby, Patrick Boaler, Dr Helen O'Connor, Bec Spicer.



The Lusby group May 2019 (L-R): (Top) Patrick Boaler, Dr Helen O'Connor, Dr Samuel Oldknow, Dr Paul Lusby; (Bottom) William Grantham, Aaron Scott, Jianzhu (Cora) Wang, Bec Spicer.

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